Average IT Project Manager Salary in 20 Major U.S. Cities

If you’re an IT project manager wondering how your salary stacks up, here’s your answer. Use this list of the average IT project manager salary across the 20 biggest U.S. cities by population to negotiate your next raise. The data is pulled from Indeed, Glassdoor, and Payscale, where available. Use it to negotiate your next salary or hire your next IT project manager.

Selling Professional Services: A Growth Strategy for Scaling Your PSO

Professional services organizations (PSOs) are one of the most important teams within a growing organization. Traditionally known as the implementation arm of a technology company, PSOs can be a means to creating and sustaining terrific client relationships, or they can become bottlenecks in services delivery.

What Does a Project Manager Do? 5 Signs You Need a PM

Project managers are responsible for the success of each product and service your company delivers. They are responsible for the financial success, client satisfaction, and smooth collaboration of every task your company undertakes. But what separates a project manager from a team leader, and what are the signs you need more project managers or better ones?  We asked five experts around the globe for signs you need a new PM. Here is what they said.

Selling Services: Align Your Marketing, Sales, and Professional Services Approach

Picture this: You work at a technology company experiencing tremendous growth. You run a services department. Sales are up, your team has lots to deliver, and marketing generates thousands of leads per month. The only catch? Clients are coming to you with projects you can’t deliver on — and the expectation you will.

Modern Project Management: An Introduction

Projects have been around since the Great Pyramids, but how we approach managing them has changed. Modern project management has been developing over several decades. To put this in perspective, let’s start with traditional project management.

Employee Onboarding for Project Managers: Give New Hires the Full Picture

Great onboarding experiences set the pace for your team’s future. The first weeks of your employees’ training, you have the opportunity to set them up for success. As a project manager, you can either get this right or miss a great opportunity.  

19 Lessons in Project Management Mistakes from NASA

Even NASA makes mistakes.

Thankfully, Jerry Madden documented 37 years of lessons he learned as Associate Director of Flight Projects at NASA, so we can learn from them.  

A 3 Part Customer Journey Map That Can Change Anyone’s Lifecycle Management

There’s no silver bullet for lifecycle management. Great companies find their own ways to delight and retain customers while delivering on their promises.

Revenue Is Up, Utilization Is Down | State of Professional Services [Webinar]


Earlier this year, the TSIA reported on critical trends for professional services providers in 2016: 

Increase Revenue by 30% with Mavenlink, Like Elevated Third Did

Elevated Third is a B2B digital marketing agency in Denver. They serve big-name clients including Kaiser Permanente, Sprint, and Comcast with design, strategy, UX, development, analytics, and more.

Ebook: Turn Projects into Profits

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