Make Mavenlink Yours with Custom Branding

Did you know the Mavenlink experience can be customized to your brand? Custom branding allows the Mavenlink interface to feel like an extension of your business. When your team members and clients collaborate inside the application, they’ll feel like they are using your application — not ours.

Custom branding allows you to:

  • Prominently display your brand’s logo in the top left-hand corner of the navigation bar
  • Change the color scheme of the Mavenlink interface to match your brand
  • Add custom lin...

Organize Client Notes and Info with Client Contact Management

Your Mavenlink projects are home to so much information: your team, their hours, project tasks, shared files, etc. All that information means that good organization is a must for running your projects in Mavenlink, which is why we built Project Groups.

Tailor Mavenlink for Your Business with More Powerful Custom Fields

One size does not fit all. While we try and think of everything our customers may need and build it into our software, we understand that there are certain unique aspects every business must account for.

A Message from Ray Grainger, Mavenlink CEO

Today, I am excited to unveil a new Mavenlink identity.

To explain this change, it’s important to revisit why Roger, Sean, and I started this company. While working in the high-tech consulting industry, we observed what made companies successful. It was more than drive and talent; it was also their ability to apply the right technology in the right way.  

Our mission, and the mission of Mavenlink, is to help all businesses succeed in today’s hyper-connected and fast-moving world. We’ve set out...

Mavenlink's New Look: Cleaner Navigation, More Custom Branding Options

When you log into Mavenlink this week, you will notice things look a little different. To match the growth and maturity of our products and features, we unveiled a new look for Mavenlink that better reflects our mission of helping our customers transform the way they conduct business.

Customer Spotlight: Angie at Best Friends Animals Society

Welcome to Customer Spotlight, a blog series where we’re introducing you to real Mavenlink users and getting a glimpse into who they are, what they do, and how they got there. Today, we’re talking with Angie Embree, Chief Information Officer for Best Friends Animal Society, the largest no-kill animal sanctuary in America. Angie is responsible for aligning the strategic plan for IT with the strategic plan of the overall organization, and helping the staff understand how to use technology and whe...

New Project Templates for a New Year

We’re happy to announce that the new Project Templates are now available to Mavenlink Premier, Professional, and Teams customers.

Our new Project Templates will help your team automate those project details that led to past success. Templates include new project details, such as a description, project duration, project budget, and currency. You can also see a Gantt Chart view of your template and set dependency relationships between your tasks. Newer features like Checklists and Milestone Weight...

Mavenlink 2015 Predictions: Less Fragmentation, More Consolidation

Mavenlink CEO Ray Grainger contributed this article as part of a series on the topic of cloud and virtualization trends for 2015. You can read the original story on

New Project Templates Are Almost Here

Project Templates are one of our most popular features. Our customers love the huge boost in efficiency that cloning successful service offerings gives them. Since the first release of Templates, project functionality and customization has grown tremendously, and we’ve received many requests from our customers for templates to leverage the power that Mavenlink projects offer. We’re putting the finishing touches on this feature and are looking forward to sharing the new Project Templates with you...

Customer Spotlight: Julianna at Contexture International

Welcome to Customer Spotlight, a new blog series where we’re introducing you to real Mavenlink users and getting a glimpse into who they are, what they do, and how they got there. Our first spotlight is Julianna Ulrich, Project Coordinator at Contexture International, a creative agency that juggles a diverse team of account managers, designers, animators, video editors, and more to create engaging work for their portfolio of clients.

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