Is this the New Model for Services Organizations?

A leader of one of the world’s largest agency conglomerates, one that includes Leo Burnett, Saatchi and Saatchi, Razorfish, and Sapient, recently made news with a bold statement. In three years Publicis One will be the agency model for the world. Jarek Ziebinski, CEO of Publicis One, a new unit designed to gain more economies of scale and better leverage talent across Publicis subsidiaries, went on to say he believes Publicis is “leading the industry towards a more profitable future by...

50 Proven Project Management Techniques from 50 Leading PM Experts Today

With almost 12% growth expected in the project management field, 6.2 million jobs are expected be created by 2020 in the United States. Keeping pace with this, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of project intensive industries is expected to rise by 37%, elevating the PM profession to $5.8 trillion industry.[1] Trying to find top project managers and thought leaders with stellar PM advice to assist project teams with project planning and execution is critical...and it can be daunting.

10 Great Client Gift Ideas

Because Swag Water Bottles Are So 2015 ...

You’ve won the deal and now it’s time to celebrate your new client relationship. It can be a hard choice deciding what to get your new client. How much money do you spend? Do you get perishables? Do you buy something for your primary contact or pick something the whole team can enjoy?

Project Management: A Survival Skill

Effective project management is one of the most important steps you can take to improve team collaboration and get better insight into business profitability. 

Last Say on Emoji: 😀 or 😕 at Work?

Should you send your coworker a smiley face? How about your client? Does your answer change if you’ve worked with the client two months versus two years?

The Ultimate Commonsense Approach to Effective Change Management

Gaining team buy-in is critical to implementing a new system or process. Many companies do a great job selecting the system or process that will yield new efficiencies. However, it’s just as important to focus on the people affected by the change. The two ways you do this are

One on One Meeting Health Check

Are Your Meetings Moving You Forward or Holding You Back?

Your one on one meeting is a way to stay connected with your employees. As we move out of the Age of Information and into the Age of the Customer, deep human connections matter more than ever. This is true of our external customers and also our internal customers.

Research Firm Improves Revenue by 33% with Mavenlink

Firm also Replaced Microsoft Access, Email, Spreadsheets, and Proprietary Scheduling System with Mavenlink. 

7 Ways to Supercharge Millennials at Work

Every generation has its own expectations for how it will work. In the 1950s, men primarily entered the workforce. In the 1990s, baby boomers and the Internet took over. Today, we’re seeing millennials enter the workforce.

10 Most Shared Articles for Project Managers

Your day is spent managing budgets, people, and time. That can make staying up to date on the latest and greatest project management articles a challenge. Where do you fit reading time into your day?