7 Project Management Apps that are Actually Games

Believe that playing games on your phone isn’t productive? Well, think again. Playing games can be fun AND help you sharpen your project management skills. Add value to your skillset and relax at the same time? It’s a win-win!

Just in time for your summer vacation, we rounded up the 7 best project management apps that are actually games. Enjoy while travelling, at the beach or at home tonight.

The Four Surprisingly Obvious Challenges for Today’s Service Providers

This article is excerpted from the exclusive Mavenlink ebook, Thriving in a Service Level Economy.

Cloudtech Increases Utilization Rate By 25% with Mavenlink

Cloudtech is an Ireland-based IT services company specializing in business consulting and software development.Cloudtech serves companies of all sizes and sectors, globally. Their core areas of specialty include custom cloud and on-premise projects, integrations and connectors, and data migrations.

The Necessity of Executive Sponsorship

Projects move through an ebb and flow of issues and risks. Project managers, customers, and task executors tend to prevent minor issues and mitigate major derailments. When issues hit red status, though, your executive sponsors need to come in from above and help. Rather than keeping them out of the weeds, pull them in to balance conflicting priorities and settle issues that can’t be resolved by the PM and team. Executive Steering Committees are a perfect way to properly engage and leverage...

Productivity Tip: Beat Creative Review and Approval Bottlenecks with this New Tool

These are frustrations we hear every day:

The Great Enabler: Technology

This article is excerpted from the exclusive Mavenlink ebook, Thriving in a Service Level Economy.

Payment Schedule: How to Get Clients to Approve Work

Without timely client approvals, you may not be able to collect cash. To make sure you stay on payment schedule, try these three best practices for gaining client approvals. 

What is the Globalization of Services?

This article is excerpted from the exclusive Mavenlink ebook, Thriving in a Service Level Economy.

How to Handle Difficult Customer Situations

In 30 years of serving clients, I’ve seen all sorts of situations, from clients who communicate poorly to those who seemingly can’t be pleased.  Oftentimes, there were steps on my end I could take to make the situation better with any relationship. In this post, I’ll share with you the three core best practices I’ve learned for how to handle difficult customer situations.

How to Build Customer Trust in 6 Steps

Trust is critical in any client-provider relationship. Your clients should be able to trust your quality of work, ease of communication, and that you can deliver what you promise. At the start of every relationship, building customer trust should be a core value you focus on. Over time, serving some of the biggest-brand clients in the world, I developed my own core set of six steps for how to build customer trust.

Ebook: Turn Projects into Profits

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