The Future of Work Series: Seven Tips for a Perfectly Productive Home Office

The amount of employees working from home continues to rise at an unprecedented rate as we head into 2017. According to research conducted by Global Workplace Analytics, “Regular work-at-home, among the non-self-employed population, has grown by 103% since 2005.”

Five Business Hacks for Effective Resource Planning During the Holidays

The holiday season is a scheduling headache for all businesses, but leaders in the services industry face unique challenges. It’s nearly impossible to complete projects efficiently, on-time, and on budget, if you do not have a handle on resource scheduling and capacity. During busy holiday periods, you have to schedule around company holidays and vacations, and overall availability drops. As a result, it's likely that your revenue will decrease, and your ability to deliver client work will...

8 Easy, Unique, and Fulfilling Ways to Give Back This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a fantastic opportunity for businesses to simultaneously thank employees while giving back to the community. Instead of hosting your annual office potluck, dedicate a day before the actual holiday to head out with coworkers to take part in some selfless and charitable thanksgiving ideas.

The 2017 State of the Services Economy Series: An Introduction to the Service Level Economy

This excerpt was pulled from the 2017 State of the Services Economy Report, presented by Gigaom and Mavenlink.

I see more opportunity for businesses in the services sector than at any other time in my 30 years of experience in related industries. Economic forces are driving a tremendous amount of demand for a myriad of services.

A Note from Mavenlink CEO about the Company’s Recent $39 Million Investment from Goldman Sachs

This is an exciting time for the services industry, and investors know it too. It is expected that firms within the creative and professional services sector — notably marketing agencies, IT services firms, management consultants, engineering firms, and architecture firms — will generate $3 trillion in 2016. And this market opportunity is growing rapidly, at least 2x the average GDP growth in the US.

How to Manage a Growing Business: Insightful Quotes from 7 Famous CEO's

Scaling a company in today's complex economic climate is much more than simply adding headcount, expanding your sales strategy, and implementing the right systems. Making the decision to scale up your growing business typically involves equal parts excitement and fear. It is a necessity for leaders to be adequately prepared to grow a healthy business. The first step is being properly educated and aware of the numerous factors that can work against your growing company.

9 Unique Ways to Maintain Company Culture Across Virtual Teams

Organizations have always held company culture in high regard as one of the basic necessities for employee satisfaction and overall success. Leaders have spent years cracking the code for the best way to promote a positive culture at your organization—to meld company vision, values, norms, systems, beliefs, and habits—in an effective and inspiring way.  

16 Project Metrics You Should Be Tracking

Project managers need to closely monitor and evaluate how well their teams are achieving goals, hitting deadlines and delivering each project on time and on budget.

Master Project Scope Management with Three Simple Steps

It’s inevitable. The most challenging aspect of project management is trying to define the specifications or, the scope of the project. A quality project scope defines all expectations from day one to completion—the deliverables, tasks, deadlines and required resources associated with the lifecycle of a project. Accurately determining scope is the biggest challenge for many organizations and can pose large risks if managed improperly.

Consulting Firm Increases Margins by 45% with Mavenlink

Firm Invests in Mavenlink to Replace Outdated Excel Methods