Guest Contributions

All in Good Time Zones with Konnessi

Between clients who regularly cross international waters for business and a fair share of globe-trotting employees, the mile-a-minute workdays at Konnessi often span time zones east and west of our headquarters in Providence, RI. We’d never get anywhere if we waited for everyone’s sleep schedules to synchronize, which is why we instead turned to the same tech tools that have helped us successfully brand and market products, increase our clients’ revenues, and spread tech-related news.

A perfect example: in early March, three members of one of our projects were in three very different locations. Our client contact was in Shanghai for an international conference. The project manager from Konnessi had taken her younger sister on holiday, and was alternately in Zurich and Vienna. The development team was in their usual....erm, Konnessi headquarters in Rhode Island. Thirty years ago…or maybe just a few, this would have been a nightmare. In fact, it probably would have held up the project for a week plus. International calling was certainly no less expensive then than it is now, and it is unlikely that all three parties could have found a mutually convenient time to talk anyway.

Again, the folks over at Mavenlink came to the rescue. Using their online project management space, our project manager sent content and some questions from her hostel bunk in Vienna, the client logged in between conference lectures to check in on progress, and the rest of the Konnessi team was able to keep up with the flow of work as usual.

For clients on the go (and for employees satisfying their wanderlust, for that matter), sharing documents with real time messaging and brainstorming in an easily-accessible online project workspace is almost as good as doing the same thing in person. We’re not suggesting that each member of the Konnessi team should leave to become a globe-hopping location independent adventurer, but platforms like Mavenlink allow us to send our best minds off for a little well-earned R&R without losing a single day of work on a time-sensitive project.

When our senior graphic designer leaves for Australia at the end of April, she’ll be able to work from her laptop and share site mockups, logos, and custom graphics with her coworkers without confusing email chains or missed communication.

Technology is there to make our lives easier, better, and more enjoyable. For those among us who occasionally walk the wild side, cross hemispheres, and live out of a backpack on occasion, the only thing better than spending a worry-free week in the Outback is spending a week in the Outback knowing that you’ve got an open line of communication with clients and colleagues back at home. That’s enough of a technological advantage to put even the most hesitant amateur traveler at ease.

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