Announcing QuickBooks Online Integration via Intuit Anywhere

Update 1/25/12: We have launched! Mavenlink now integrates with Quickbooks

We're very excited to be announcing our upcoming QuickBooks integration on the Intuit Partner Platform today. Maybe you've seen some of the great coverage in ZDNet, ReadWriteWeb, and others already.

As Ray, our CEO, said in the press release:
"Integrating QuickBooks Online with Mavenlink is one of the most requested features from our user base and Intuit Anywhere has delivered. By working with Intuit, thousands of our SMB customers who work online with their clients will be able to spend more time collaborating, reduce administration and have an accurate reflection of their business financials."

We've been listening to you, our customers, for many months tell us that a QuickBooks integration would be a huge help. By synchronizing your Mavenlink finances and payments automatically with your accounting system, you'll be able to reduce your administrative costs and spend more time doing what you love: the actual work, not the administrivia.

I'm especially pumped up, because we're not stopping there. We know Mavenlink is your choice for an end-to-end business management platform, not just an invoicing system. Here are a few of the features we're working on now, capturing the full lifecycle of your projects:

-Use QuickBooks estimates to send a quote to your client and use the accepted estimates to create a Mavenlink project with one click

-When there's a change in project scope, use Mavenlink's project change notices, get client acceptance, and sync price changes back to QuickBooks

-Send an invoice from QuickBooks or Mavenlink that's tied directly to the work you estimated and worked on, so the invoice and value delivered is provable, not questionable

We'll be launching this into general availability with Intuit in the fall when they roll out Intuit Anywhere to the over 400,000 QuickBooks Online users. Until then, please let us know in our Feature Requests area and in the comments what you'd like to see.