Getting the Most Out of Mavenlink

Fevi Yu is a Senior Project Manager for, focused on developing Search Engine Friendly websites for clients in the Caribbean and the United States.

1) How does Mavenlink save you time and/or money?

We are currently developing 18 projects - yes, all at the same time. Our developers are located in Canada, France and the Philippines and we are in the Cayman Islands. Our clients are spread across the Caribbean and mainland USA. Mavenlink provides a platform that we can all easily access without the hassle of signing way too many forms or pay an exorbitant amount or overthink on how to do anything. Its a very simple interface that allows us to focus on our projects. It has enabled us to be at least 30% more efficient because we don't have to keep going back and forth on emails or project specs because you can find everything in one workspace. In every project, just like life, communication is key and Mavenlink is a good tool for communication for our kind of work.

2) What has changed about your business now that you use Mavenlink?

We are more efficient and project oriented because of Mavenlink. We are able to see projects clearly and execute them according to project specs even when the specs often change. I also love the fact that I can invite clients into the workspace and they don't necessarily have to be tech-savvy to update, comment and even praise us for our work.

3) What does your team think of Mavenlink?

Lets put it this way - we don't have to 'think' anymore because whenever we visit a workplace for our projects, everything is there, we know what to do and our clients know what to expect. From where we left off the day before and pending deliverables - Mavenlink has become an essential part of our development cycle because it allows us and our clients to effectively communicate. In addition, we have some virtual assistance in our office that use it outside our company and they love it.

In our development office in Manila, we use to say, "update it" - now we say, "Mavenlink it"

4) What separates Mavenlink from all the other options in your mind?

What options? There are none...At least, for me.