Great Show: GigaOM’s “Net:Work, The Future of Work”

There’s nothing like mingling with 700+ of your new closest friends at a conference and coming to the realization that there is something of a shared mind. Of course everyone has a different take on what technologies are needed or how to best help, but universally there is agreement on one common theme: the world of work is changing, and both people and the technologies that support those people are being forced to shift. Having the opportunity to participate in this discussion was a great experience for the entire Mavenlink team.

Like any show, there were plenty of buzzwords flying about, “Social”, “Collaboration”, “Mobile”, “Real Time”, “Cloud Software”, “Fundamental Shifts”, “Crowdsourcing”, “Co-Working”, “Outsourcing”, “Flat Organizations” and/or “Flat World”. In truth, I used them as much as anyone. But beyond the buzzwords, there was a very real sense that everyone at the show was genuinely excited to be a part of this new working world, a working world that is being shaped by more than pure economics or technology. Society at large is shifting and bringing along the workplace, “We are moving into a new society where people want to share and manage information in an new way…in a flat world…transparency builds trust,” borrowing Marc Benioff’s words taken from his speech during the show.

I think everyone walking away from the show would agree that the core of the movement is the individual. It was great to talk to a number of established and/or new organizations that are building great practices and/or businesses that are catering to the needs of this new workforce of ones. Nima Adelkhani and The Founder Institute helping entrepreneurs get their dreams off the ground. Nate Heasley and the team at New Work City building not only co-working spaces but also communities of independents across New York City.

If you had to reduce it down to a sentence, I think Simon Mackie summed it up pretty well. At the end of the day, the new world of work, and success in the new world, is going to boil down to how well we can connect, communicate and collaborate WITH PEOPLE.