Lights, Camera, Mavenlink: Video Project Management by Guy Bauer Productions

"Mavenlink helps you manage your projects and client communications all in one place.” –Guy Bauer, Founder and President at Guy Bauer Productions

A great way to stay creative is to surround yourself with creative people and collaborate together on projects. That's why Guy Bauer, Founder and President of Guy Bauer Productions is Mavenlink's creative, guest contributor for the week. Guy Bauer Productions communicates their clients' stories through video. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to talk to Guy about his experiences in video project management. Thanks for telling us your story, Guy.

Q: Sean Crafts (Mavenlink Co-Founder) - Can you tell us a little about your business?

A: Guy Bauer - Guy Bauer Productions is a video production company focused on delivering creative video solutions for businesses big and small. We’re committed to adding value to our clients’ companies by effectively communicating their amazing story, product or message to any audience. Our core products are: TV & web commercials, product demonstrations, business profiles and documentaries. Our mission is to help businesses grow by telling their stories.

Q: Sean - How did you find Mavenlink?

A: Guy - I stumbled onto Mavenlink on the home page of the Google Apps Marketplace. Mavenlink was the #1 recommended app for Project Management.

Q: Sean - What pain points has Mavenlink solved for your business?

A: Guy - Mavenlink has consolidated a million different emails and tasks that I had written out on little sheets of paper and Post-its. I love the project templates because I can be sure I didn't leave out any steps along the way. I haven't tried the integration with QuickBooks yet but, as a QuickBooks user, that weighed very heavily in my decision to go with Mavenlink. I would love a way to embed the client sign-in page on my site so clients can seamlessly enter my clients area.

Q: Sean - Please explain the results of using Mavenlink and Google Apps.

A: Guy - I love how Mavenlink and Google Apps work together. I used to have to attach and keep track of different script versions in Word Documents, but now I just attach my Google Doc and the client can make edits themselves.

Q: Sean - What Mavenlink feature(s) could you not live without?

A: Guy - I love the project templates.

Q: Sean - Anything else you want to tell or add?

A: Guy - Mavenlink saved me from having to hire an assistant just to manage paperwork and emails. With Mavenlink, all of my communication is in one place and even searchable. It has instantly added so much value to my business and my clients' experience.

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