LinktoEXPERT and Mavenlink Form Alliance Creating a Solution for Entrepreneurs to Run Their Businesses More Efficiently

Leading edge organizations agree to partner and offer a marketing platform and project management workplace to improve efficiency by automating and delegating tasks

Take a premier online workplace where experts manage, track, budget and invoice their projects, and combine it with an online marketing platform to broadcast their achievements to tens of thousands in minutes. This combination allows businesses to run much more efficiently, reducing costs and freeing up valuable time and resources. That’s exactly why Mavenlink and LinktoEXPERT formed this powerful alliance.

LinktoExpert is an advanced search engine that connects businesses to professional service experts such as speakers, writers and coaches. Once businesses connect to an expert through LinktoExpert, they are encouraged to utilize Mavenlink, the premier online workplace for today's workforce, to manage their projects anywhere, at anytime. The comprehensive workplace includes project management, file sharing, collaboration, time & expense tracking, budgeting and invoicing.

LinktoEXPERT gives businesses the opportunity to elevate their status in the marketplace by leveraging the education, experience and contacts of business experts. Through this partnership, Mavenlink and LinktoEXPERT customers can easily find other experts to collaborate to offer a solution for their clients.

Joanne Weiland, founder of LinktoEXPERT states that “This alliance with Mavenlink will provide a unique and extraordinary resource for Executives to hire their dream team in minutes and manage their projects from anywhere at anytime, a daunting process that traditionally takes months to accomplish. This is the secret to success: implementing your ideas with ease. Imagine the possibilities!”

According to Sean Crafts, Mavenlink’s Chief Customer Officer, “Mavenlink is a firm believer that easy project management allows you to participate in a larger number of opportunities while focusing on what you do best. Entrepreneurs can substantially increase their revenue by joining their areas of expertise and managing the expectations of their clients.”

Both Crafts and Weiland agree that together their experts can guide companies into profitable enterprises. Mavenlink’s premier online workplace, combined with LinktoEXPERT’s turnkey interactive website, will provide entrepreneurs with the logistics to market, sell and manage the products and services needed to thrive.