Guest Contributions

Managing your Work with Visual Speech Therapy

”Mavenlink is an awesome work management software that allows our team to collaborate in real-time, track time and expenses, and it integrates with all the other applications we use. What's best is its SaaS and we don't have to download anything.” - Jeremy Glauser, Managing Partner at Visual Speech Therapy

Q: Sean Crafts (Mavenlink Co-Founder) - Can you tell us a little about your business?

A: Jeremy Glauser - Visual Speech Therapy provides visual speech-language training and therapy over a premium online platform, so people feel confident and comfortable communicating.

Q: Sean - How did you find Mavenlink?

A: Jeremy - VST found Mavenlink through a Google search for an online project management solution.

Q: Sean - What pain points has Mavenlink solved for your business?

A: Jeremy - It has solved our problem of decentralized document management, time tracking, and collaboration. I wish we could determine better access levels for users and have the project description display all the time by default. Also, we work with recurring tasks a lot and would like to have the ability to create recurring tasks on multiple days of the week.

Q: Sean - What do your clients, consultants, and fellow co-workers say about Mavenlink?

A: Jeremy - Clients are very satisfied with being be able to follow their case in real-time.

Q: Sean - Please explain the results of using Mavenlink and Google Apps.

A: Jeremy - It's very nice to be able to have the Google Docs listed that pertain to certain tasks, etc. We also use the Calendar a lot and having the deadlines will be very useful.

Q: Sean - What Mavenlink features could you not live without?

A: Jeremy - Time tracking, document storage, Quickbooks integration, Google apps integration, and custom branding. These are the reasons we chose Mavenlink over any other system.

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