Mavenlink Featured in OCTech Innovation Blog

Mavenlink got a shout out today in the OCTech Innovation Blog. The author, a local patent attorney and Ph.d., crashed a Mavenlink investor presentation at the 2010 VC in the OC where it impressed several Tech heavyweights, including a business reporter at the OC Register.

"At the “VC in the OC” conference, I also attended an investment presentation by Mavenlink, LLC, headquartered in Irvine, CA, which markets a cloud-based software application (in the category of “software as a service” or SaaS) designed to provide an interactive workplace for users to collaborate with their clients and to manage various aspects of their projects, including budgets, schedules, communications, and payments. According to Mavenlink’s CEO, Ray Grainger, Mavenlink was launched in December 2009, and potential users of Mavenlink’s technology include companies, independent contractors, and solo practitioners."

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