Guest Contributions

Mavenlink for the Graphic Designer

Nola Cooper is a professional classic designer and the Owner and Lead Designer for Classic Creation Design

1) How do you save time and/or money with Mavenlink?

Mavenlink has saved me an enormous amount of time every day by allowing me to have all communications regarding an individual project in one place. No more searching through scores of emails with the same subject line, trying to find that specific deliverable, or instruction. Each project has a defined beginning and end, with individual deliverables in between. There’s no more wondering if all parties involved are satisfied.

I’m a sole proprietor. I don’t want a system that I have to upgrade or host myself. I love having a hosted solution where you guys do that behind the scenes work, and let me use it for what I need it for.

2) Has Mavenlink changed the way you work?

When a project proposal is accepted I immediately add a workspace to my account at Mavenlink. My projects stay organized and are now easier to track. I don’t spend most of my day waiting for and reading emails, and printing them out to keep in a file. I’m saving paper and time. The system gives clients a sense of security and makes them feel like they are “in the communication loop” at all times. The number of “how are things going” emails I receive has dwindled down to almost none…just after using Mavenlink for a month.

3) What do your clients say about Mavenlink?

My clients LOVE the system. They can easily send me questions, and see the progress of their project. I have clients with multiple projects, and they love the ease of use!

One client even sent me an email:

"I think this is a phenomenal system that helps us maintain communication and assist us in organizing our work together. The ease of use brings an elementary style to a complex process."

4) What separates Mavenlink from all the other options in your mind?

I looked at several other options for my business, and even used other solutions for quite some time. Most of my clients would not use these other systems, saying it was too “clunky” and they didn’t understand it. With Mavenlink, I’ve not had a single complaint from a client, and they are all willing to use the system freely. Mavenlink provides more features that I need as a Graphic Designer

5) What do you expect from Mavenlink over time?

I look forward to being able to start each project from the beginning – with a proposal. Having the ability offer the proposal through your site, have the client accept it, and then do a virtual contract would be yet another time saver for me!