Guest Contributions

Mavenlink for the Legal Practice

Connie Mableson and the Mableson Law Group have focused on providing legal advice and counsel with the specific goal of enhancing their clients' success for over 27 years.

1) How do you use Mavenlink in your legal practice?

As an attorney, I create, review, or modify many documents. A client must see these documents and comment on them. It is difficult to email lots of documents to a client and to keep the revised versions organized. Mavenlink allows me to post all the documents in a single space. My clients can log on and view, comment and suggest revisions in one place. It is like a file drawer or conference room accessible at all times by me and my client.

2) Are you seeing any benefits?

The first person I invite to the individual client project is my secretary. As a result, she is always in the loop of communication between me and the client. If I add another attorney or a paralegal to the project, it minimizes the amount of time I need to spend with the team bringing them up to speed. This results in a lower legal bill to the client. And, my clients appreciate that the entire team is up to date on the case status.

3) What is your clients impression of the Mavenlink work environment?

My clients like the service. It costs them nothing and they feel closer to the case and more engaged in the transaction or litigation. They have access to their case files from any location and can keep informed as the case progresses by receiving messages through their preferred email applications.

4) How would you describe Mavenlink to a colleague?

Mavenlink is affordable. It is simple. Clients can log into it easily. It serves several business purposes and does not complicate the process with features I do not need. It contains the essential functions I need to work efficiently with my clients. For a small business, it is an affordable solution to case or project management that engages all participants.

5) What do you expect from Mavenlink over time?

I hope it retains its simple user interface and functionality. If additional features are added, I hope the project manager can choose to use them or not as is currently the case.