Mavenlink Independent Analyst Review

Eval-Source yesterday published a detailed review of Mavenlink and Mavenlink's project management and collaboration platform on GetApp, an App store for business software. It is a comprehensive review that covers:

  1. Business Problem Addressed
  2. Pricing Model
  3. Solution Analysis
  4. Technical Specifications
  5. Conclusions

The review provides excellent insight for anyone evaluating technologies in the project management or project collaboration space. As someone who has been close to the technology since the beginning, it is always nice to take a step back and see how your pride and joy looks to through someone else's eye. While there are plenty of valuable nuggets in the piece, including the team's impressions of the strengths of the application (comprehensive, custom branding, intuitiveness and security), I think the team at Eval-Source provided the best summary in their concluding remarks:

"Project Management is becoming more commonly used to streamline and execute business initiatives within organizations. Because project management can be applied to many different verticals and any type of business the need to adapt a software tool is a prerequisite for success. Mavenlink is a project management tool that combines extensive functionality with a very smooth and intuitive interface. The delivery model as a Saas solution means Mavenlink can be easily adopted by a company as the main a tool with which to manage projects. With the integration to Google Apps, Mavenlink can further its functionality.

Mavenlink is a good fit for small enterprises without a PMO or certified PMPs on staff. Its application provides a common sense approach to creating projects and tasks, scheduling, planning, and collaborating in order to complete a project. The secure project area provided by Mavenlink and its approach to email based project messaging ensures projects tasks are not overlooked and are fully visible to all project participants based upon user access rights. This application enables organizations to manage projects without hassle, thereby lowering administrative costs.

A key differentiator for Mavenlink in the project management space is its tight financial integration. Smaller organizations that utilize remote workers can easily calculate sub-contractors time, project resources, project budgets and expenses without ever leaving the application. It is a tool that not only tracks and manages the project billing, but can also issue invoices directly from the application, which reduces overall administration and simplifies the accounting process."

To see the entire review, please visit GetApp's Evaluation Center.