Mavenlink Joins Google Apps Marketplace

We're building new functionality into Mavenlink every day. Functionality that you, our users, request from us. One philosophical point that we hear time & time again is: please make Mavenlink part of my daily workflow!

Mavenlink's Google Apps Listing

For us, that started with sending you emails each time something happened in your world. Then, we gave you the ability to respond to posts directly from your email and have that response get routed into your workspace, keeping the communication loop open from web or mobile device. Today, we're really excited to be launching the next phase: integration into your Google Apps

What does this mean for me?
If you're a Google Apps user, you can add us to your universal navigation (up top in Google where it says "Mail Calendar Docs..."). Head over to our listing in the Google Apps Marketplace. You'll see an "Add it now" button - click that and Google will take you through the linking process. You'll be able to link it to your existing Mavenlink account, or create a new account.

Once you've got Google and Mavenlink linked, you'll have "Mavenlink" in your Google header (alongside "Mail", etc...). When you click that link, you'll be signed directly into Mavenlink, without entering any username/password!

What's next?
We're going to be releasing further app integration, beyond the single-sign on capability we're rolling out today. We've got some great stuff planned for calendar integration, as well as contacts and docs.