Mavenlink Launches Time Tracking, Expense Tracking and Online Invoicing Software

We are excited to release our Time Tracking, Expense Tracking and Online Invoicing capabilities. Adding these capabilities to the existing Mavenlink site creates a uniquely comprehensive and efficient platform to complete project based work online. Now in one place you can:

1. Securely manage communications and collaborate with all of your colleagues, clients, subcontractors and/or partners
2. Share files or Google Docs relevant to a particular project, capturing conversations surrounding each piece
3. Manage all of your activities in the Project Tracker, including prioritization and assignment of key tasks, deliverables and milestones
4. Establish budgets and timelines, complete with appropriate change order management for shifts in direction
5. Manage permissions for project team members, controlling access to make sure only appropriate information is visible
6. Simply track all of your time and expenses associated with a project, tied to specific tasks or deliverables
7. Create professional invoices, adding time and expenses through one simple click
8. Get paid online
9. Create profiles and networks to manage your reputation and/or future opportunities