Mavenlink Profiled in OC Register as "VC in the OC" Presenter

With all the venture capital firms and small companies pitching at this year's "VC in OC," Mavenlink was chosen as one of fourteen companies to get mentioned in the Orange County Register's curtain raiser for the event:

"Fourteen startups will make their best pitch to venture capitalists, angels and private investors and everyone else attending VC in the OC and OCTANe Innovation Showcase, the county's top innovation event on May 18 at the Hyatt Regency Irvine. VC in the OC planners each year come up with innovative ways to explain and explore the relationship between creative entrepreneurs and the folks with money to develop ideas into moneymakers."

Along with a run-down of the VC event, the presenting firms are profiled, including Mavenlink which is described as a "web-based technology and services to help clients and service providers build better relationships and get more work done."