Mobile Offices & Teams with Sleepingbeagle Studios

”I need Mavenlink to help me meet my business goals!”* - Dan Herrick, Owner & Creative Director at Sleepingbeagle Studios

Q: Sean Crafts (Mavenlink Co-Founder) - Can you tell us a little about your business?

A: Dan Herrick - The first video project I ever created was for a my brother’s wedding. Created on a laptop on the living room coffee table, it was a labour of love. Tired from a hard day’s work, I would sit down and cut together pictures, recorded video clips from his future in-laws, as well as stories from our past. I recorded a personal voiceover on the laptop's built-in mic. It wasn't until the video played at the reception that I heard, over the people’s laughter and emotional responses, the reassuring and ever present snoring of my beagle Bailey in the background. She dutifully slept through all my hard work but still managed to contribute. I have since gone back to school, purchased equipment, and have been running a video production company full-time.

That company is Sleepingbeagle Studios. We tell stories. Your stories. We are Digital Storytelling Specialists.

Q: Sean - How did you find Mavenlink?

A: Dan - I researched project management tools online. I kept coming back to Mavenlink as I found it in the Google Apps Marketplace. I tried it out free, then I decided that it wasn't too complicated, but it had a lot of great things to help me manage my projects.

Q: Sean - What pain points has Mavenlink solved for your business?

A: Dan - My staff is mobile and so am I. We go to our clients and usually are filming on location (currently saves me $500 per month in rent; I don't need a bigger space). I needed a way to keep projects on track without having a central office. It lets me keep all documentation in one place, manage my people with a weekly meeting and email, and to track their time on each project task or deliverable.

Ask my staff: no commute of 40 kilometers per day X 4 days per week = 4 hours of personal time plus gas money. Also, working in your pajamas = priceless.

We also have a mix of Macs and PCs, and we needed a web based project management solution.

Q: Sean - What do your clients, consultants, and fellow co-workers say about Mavenlink?

A: Dan - I have not exposed my clients to Mavenlink as I am still getting comfortable with it. My consultants are getting used to the interface.

Q: Sean - Please explain the Results of using Mavenlink and Google Apps.

A: Dan - Google Calendar and Google Docs integration help me keep everything moving forward. I attach proposals, creative briefs, and other important information right into Mavenlink.

Q: Sean - Anything else you want to tell us or features you’d like to see?

A: Dan - My business coach told me to make S.M.A.R.T. goals:

- **S**pecific: Mavenlink Deliverables
- **M**easurable: Mavenlink Milestones and Status
- **A**chievable: Mavenllink Tasks (bite sized makes it easier to swallow)
- **R**esults: Mavenlink Assignments (make each person accountable)
- **T**imeframe: Mavenlink Due Date

I guess what I’m trying to say is: “I need Mavenlink to help me meet my business goals!”

Sleepingbeagle Studios can be found on Facebook and you can contact Sleepingbeagle Studios directly on their website.