New Feature: Multi-User Projects & Workspaces

It is my pleasure to introduce our latest major feature - multi-user projects and workspaces. It was through some of the initial feedback of our community that we prioritized this feature and made it happen ahead of other things we have planned and we could not be happier with how that worked out. As we have been testing it over the last few days, we realized that it really does take Mavenlink's workspace and project capability to the next level. It brings Mavenlink in-line with how most of us work: in groups.

What does this mean for you?

When you post a project or engage as a Maven, you will have an opportunity to invite a colleague to the project to work with you. Whether it's to collaborate on the project together or hand off to another resource within your company, we think you'll find it very useful to team up on projects.

We're going to be layering on roles/privileges over the next few weeks as we begin getting feedback from our community. Please let us know what you think!