New Feature: What's in a Name? Customize Your Role Names.

Mavenlink Premier customers now have the ability to specify custom role names for their clients and colleagues. Now, you can communicate your teams' role with a custom title. Don't be afraid to get creative! Whether you are a team of Designers, Contractors, Architects, Social Media Mavens or Accounting Ninjas, there are 3 ways to customize role names in Mavenlink. Here's how:

1. Your Account Settings

Set up default role names for all of your projects by clicking on "Account" under your profile picture or "Settings" on the navigation bar, then click on the "Account" tab. Enter your new titles under "Customized Team Names." Hit "Save."

2. Create a New Project

Create a New Project in Mavenlink. Enter your new titles under "Select Your Team." Click the "Create Project" button.

3. Your Project Settings

Set up role names for a specific project by going to "Configure Project Settings" under "Other Actions" in your project. Click on the "Project Settings" tab, enter your new titles under "Team Names" and hit "Save."