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Pinpoint Your Progress with Data Roll-Ups

Data Roll-ups

There are new enhancements to your Task Tracker that will change the way you work. Our Task Tracker date ranges and completion percentages work the same way they already do in Gantt; you no longer need to set these fields in two places for them to be consistent.

Another aspect of this change is that data will "roll-up." This means that the completion percentage and date range of a parent task will be determined by its sub tasks. A parent's date range will take the earliest start date and latest end date of its subtasks, which will create a more accurate timeline for you tasks.

In addition to these new date and completion roll-ups, you also get cumulative budget and time information. These new fields will show the sum of the parent and sub-task budgets, so you'll know exactly where your project stands.

These improvements allow your team the same flexibility that you have today-- you can still set budgets at the parent level or just set budgets for your sub tasks, but now you'll be able to see a total of those budgets and a total of the actual time tracked against those tasks-- whether your team chooses to track time at the parent level or at the more granular level of subtasks.

You may be wondering: What happens to my existing task data?

The only task data that could be affected by these enhancement are completion percentages, task statuses, and date ranges. If a parent task has a date range different from the minimum start date and maximum due date of its subtasks, it will be replaced with those date ranges. If your sub tasks are all complete, or at 100%, your parent task will be marked as complete and at 100% percent. The completion percentage is now calculated by using the average of the completion percentages of a task's children.

In addition to providing you with more accurate data about the progress of your tasks, these enhancements set the stage for future features, namely Global Resource Planning and Fixed-Fee Invoicing.

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