Project Management with Google Apps & Quickbooks Integration with Destiny Technologies

”Mavenlink solved our need for Google Apps integration and Quickbooks integration with our online project management software, plus easy email-to-task attachment.” - Gabriel Marguglio, President of Destiny Technologies

Q: Sean Crafts (Mavenlink Co-Founder) - Can you tell us a little about your business?

A: Gabriel Marguglio - Destiny Technologies is a website design and internet marketing (SEO & SEM) company. We have five people in our office, plus a network of 20 people around us working on different projects and selling our products here in Florida and in the Washington, DC metro area.

Q: Sean - How did you find Mavenlink?

A: Gabriel - We were looking for a better option (we were using Basecamp) and decided to search for “project manager google integration” and your Mavenlink page on Google came up.

Q: Sean - What pain points has Mavenlink solved for your business?

A: Gabriel - Mavenlink solved our need for Google Apps and Quickbooks integrations with our online project management software, plus easy email-to-task attachment. It has been easy to use and my people want to use it. Basecamp was too complicated and hard to use for our team so we switched.

Most importantly, now we have time, time, and more time!

Q: Sean - What do your clients, consultants, and fellow co-workers say about Mavenlink?

A: Gabriel - To keep it short, they love Mavenlink.

Q: Sean - Please explain the Results of using Mavenlink and Google Apps.

A: Gabriel - Again, I love it. I like to be able to see Google Tasks in my Google Calendar, and see the project email addresses in Gmail. I would like if I could set a task as ‘done’ from Google Calendar and would like to integrate the Google Contacts into some kind of customer database in Mavenlink, such as Highrise has, but integrated into Google Apps.

Q: Sean - Anything else you want to tell us or features you’d like to see?

A: Gabriel - Yes, I sent a request for support with an issue and in less than two days you fixed it! That was awesome. Thank you!

Destiny Technologies can be found on Facebook and Twitter, and you can contact Destiny Technologies directly on their website.