Pros of Using PayPal for Business Transactions

PayPal is a great option for business payments.

For well over a decade, PayPal has been the choice of many business for easy transactions. Businesses are comfortable today transferring funds to both pay bills and collect on invoices via PayPal. The service has been reliable, secure, and easy.

Here are some of the benefits on why PayPal might be perfect for your business.

Benefits of Using PayPal for Business

Ease of Use

PayPal is really easy to use.

It’s almost not fair how easy it is to request and send money using PayPal. You can have an account setup in minutes. You can connect your business and personal bank information in a few minutes and the information is verified the next day or a full day or two at most.

The framework is intuitive. It’s easy for anybody to use. If you do struggle with the interface, there is an entire knowledge base that will likely have an answer to your question.

Trust, Security and Proven Track Record

Trust is important when it comes to transferring money. PayPal has proven, through its years of success, to be one of the most trusted methods of digital money transfer. Businesses and individuals trust PayPal with their money in the same way they trust their local bank.

PayPal also has a strong list of business and personal clients. The biggest names in enterprise use PayPal and this should prove to you that PayPal can be trusted as a secure way to transfer money.

Business leaders will look at company’s clients before signing up for the service. PayPal has a strong client list and these clients even use PayPal as a payment option for their own customers. It’s common for retailers to have a PayPal checkout on their site. That’s a strong recommendation.

Transfer Money Overseas Without Issue

Something that is most useful about PayPal is the issue of transferring money overseas.

If you work with clients and partners that are located in different countries you likely know the headaches that can arise with transferring money across borders.

There are charges to figure out and it’s scary sometimes thinking about the consequences of missing something. You don’t want to realize you’re paying too much in fees and taxes or too little. It can mean legal consequences for you and your business.

PayPal eliminates this worry by taking care of overseas fees. They automatically take care of fees with any transfer. It makes doing business overseas easier. You can focus on what you do best while PayPal acts as your own accountant.


PayPal is a great service.

If you are looking for a way to ease your business transactions, there is no company better suited to make your life easy. You can feel comfortable knowing that your money is safe and secure while also knowing you can invoice and receive payment quickly and effectively.

The ease of use, trust, and ability to work with people all over the world were just a handful of reasons why Mavenlink integrates with PayPal. Plus, we allow you to save money with the PayPal Business Rate, which is a huge pro for integrating the two programs. Here is a great quote that sums it up:

”The Paypal Business Rate savings has been huge, and has basically allowed us to pay for Mavenlink just by signing up.” - Dan DeRoeck, Founder & CEO of CSE Web Solutions

Have you used PayPal for your business? What are some pros, or cons, not mentioned here you would add to the list for the benefit of fellow readers?

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