Riding a Bigger and Better Wave

Last week, Google made headlines by suspending Google Wave until at least 2011, which left people scrambling on cloud project collaboration. There’s no need to fear, Mavenlink is here!

The top features of Google Wave were: Blank Waves, Real Time Discussion, Task Tracking, and Shared Attachments. Mavenlink has all those features, but we just have slightly different names: Project Workspace, Real Time Messaging, Project Tracker, and Attach Files. As you can and will see, Mavenlink covers everything, plus much more.

Mavenlink is a real time, shared space in the cloud where people can collaborate on all types of projects or activities. Whether you are a small business owner, professor at a university, or busy scheduling charity events with your friends and family, you can efficiently manage all of those projects here. Message the whole group or specific individuals and attach files, pictures, and links and link them to specific tasks. Project Management made easy.

For all of you Google users, Mavenlink is fully integrated with Google Apps so all of your Google Contacts, Google Documents, and Google Calendar can be accessed and shared seamlessly. Also, just like in Google Wave and their Conversation Playback, you can keep track of different conversations in one place and once somebody is invited into a Workspace, they will be able to catch up on everything that has happened to date.

What are some features that Mavenlink offers that Google Wave didn’t? Glad you asked. We offer Scheduling, Budget, and Payment options with PayPal integration and security preferences. We have in-depth Time Tracking and Billing that can be linked to activities in the Project Tracker. On top of that, the messages and attachments you link to each activities in the Project Tracker can be managed by our simple Filter function.

We continue to make improvements to Mavenlink everyday. With invoices, expense tracking, and private label about to be released, we are working hard to make your life easier and accelerate your productivity in our secure project collaboration cloud tool.

Come join us now! You won’t have to worry about this wave crashing. We are here to ride the whole thing out with you.

Did you use Google Wave? If so, have you switched to Mavenlink for your project collaboration?