Sign In or Sign Up with Your Favorite Account

Are you as tired of more usernames and passwords as we are? We've always tried to keep the Mavenlink sign up & sign in process simple. As of this week, we've made it even better by now allowing you to use other popular services that you have accounts with to log in.

How does it work?
You may or may not know about a technology called OpenID. It lets you use your login from sites like Google, Yahoo, AOL, and others to sign in to sites like Mavenlink. Fortunately, the best part of how we've done things don't need to know about it. It just works.

To use your favorite account with Mavenlink, go and login like you normally would, but select one of the icons (Google, Facebook, etc). If you're not already signed into that service, it'll ask you to log in. Once you do that, it'll ask you to confirm that you want to link your Mavenlink account. After confirming, you'll be brought back to Mavenlink one last time to log in. That last step links your Mavenlink account permanently to your preferred service.

Now, whenever you want to sign in to Mavenlink, just click the icon and you'll be brought right to your dashboard!

We currently support a bunch of the most popular services, but let us know if there are any others you're looking for! We'll be adding a few more in the near future.