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For any business, it's vital to find tools that can help them grow. For small businesses with limited budgets and manpower, it's particularly important to act as a jack-of-all-trades.

Not only do they have to manage company finances and client relations, they also have to streamline internal communication and projects. Luckily, technology companies are coming out with better and quicker apps that help achieve these goals.

Which apps do small businesses prefer and what trends are arising? We tackle that in our infographic below:

small business apps

There are some great small business apps that were voted most popular:

- Office Email: Google Apps
- Customer Relationship Management: Salesforce
- Data Storage: Backblaze
- Payment Processing: PayPal
- Storage/Backup/Virtualization: Dropbox
- Social Media Management: Facebook & HootSuite
- Accounting: QuickBooks
- Billing: QuickBooks

We are very proud to integrate with some of the most popular apps, such as Google Apps, PayPal, and QuickBooks, which we've done because it strongly benefits all Mavenlink customers and we use them internally as well. Thanks to BestVendor for surveying many of their small business customers.

Revealing Trends: The Cloud & Mobile App Explosion

Thanks to cloud technology, mobile business applications are booming in the business landscape, and small businesses are the most enthusiastic adopters.

"There's a sea change going on in the marketplace...The number of cloud applications SMBs have adopted has doubled in the last two years." - Bill Odell, Senior Director of Marketing with Dell Cloud Business Applications

IDC estimates that the cloud marketing, including products and services, will expand from $16 billion in 2010 to $56 billion in 2014.

According to an AT&T Survey on The Huffington Post, 30% of small businesses use mobile apps for their business. An additional 50% say they can't survive without mobile apps. This is up 31% since last year.


Making the Switch to Google Apps

Because it offers a suite of free or inexpensive user-friendly online applications, more and more enterprises cite Google Apps as the go-to solution for their business needs.

There are more than 4 million organizations running Google Apps for Business with more than 40 million users. Every 14 seconds, a business signs up for its web-based tools. And the platform has a 90% renewal rate.

White Stratus analyzed adoption rates of Google Apps in the US business market and found that one out of five organizations have deployed Google Apps. Out of the companies that have deployed it, more than 80% are either piloting or actively using the apps.

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