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The Next Web: Mavenlink Brings Project Management to your Network

Last night, The Next Web technology writer Tris Hussey covered Mavenlink and discussed how we are a project management solution for many issues that businesses face. Below are a couple quotes from Tris:

"So, Mavenlink, it is an 'end to end' project management solution. Which is marketing speak for 'everything I said you needed above, it has.'"

"Mavenlink is built from the premise that a lot of us work in ad hoc collaborative groups more and more and our project management tool needs to allow for that. For any given project you can add more people to the project while still giving your client a single point contact (and webspace if you’re working with them on several projects)."

"What Mavenlink is really trying to do, I think, is just give us a nice, simple set of tools, to be able to pull together folks to work on projects as we needed them. Also, via searching through the network of public profiles, you can find people to potentially help you with projects and see who they have worked with in the past."

Make sure to check out the article in full on The Next Web.