Time Saving Features for Getting Work Done

How do you find time to get everything done? Between lengthy meetings and impromptu tasks it's difficult to stay on track. At Mavenlink, we recognize that time management is one of your most important skills. That's why we've added improvements to templates, the user interface and project tracker. Here are four tips, tricks and new features that are going to save time.

1. Create template relative start and due dates

Achieve maximum productivity by adding relative start and due dates to your project templates. Specify days in a template to auto populate tasks, deliverable and milestones.

2. The workspace gets a new look

We've refreshed our user interface by widening the workspace and changed the appearance of various buttons to make Mavenlink more visually appealing and easier to use.

3. Check out the Details view with one-click edits

Enjoy the project tracker's new Details view. It provides a cleaner, clear view of what's happening in the project. It only takes one-click to edit tasks, deliverables and milestones in the project tracker.

4. Add start dates to tasks

Kick off your latest project by adding start dates to tasks in the project tracker.