Use Your Email with a Project

In this video, we are going to discuss how to integrate your email with a project. Whenever a message is posted to you in Mavenlink, you will receive an email notification.


The notification includes the name of the person who posted the message, the project the message is part of, the message itself, a link back to the project and the projects direct email address. If you would like to add any files you can attach them to the email.

If we go back to the Project Workspace and refresh our page we will see the new comment has been added as a reply to the original message. You can also send original messages from your email to the workspace by using the unique workspace email I.D.

From your email system, add the Mavenlink workspace email I.D. to the “To” field, type your message and add documents if you wish.

Did you know about the email integration? What are some other features that would make your business life that much easier?