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10 Great Client Gift Ideas


Because Swag Water Bottles Are So 2015 ...

You’ve won the deal and now it’s time to celebrate your new client relationship. It can be a hard choice deciding what to get your new client. How much money do you spend? Do you get perishables? Do you buy something for your primary contact or pick something the whole team can enjoy?

We’ve got our top picks to satisfy all those answers. Whether you’re budgeting $30 or $300, and whether you want something for a party of one or an office party (to an extent), we’ve got all sorts of options.

Client Gifts That Can’t Go Wrong

The Zencube

Cost is $99 + shipping

The Zencube, a former Kickstarter project, is a smart Himalayan salt lamp. It's modern, healthy and bulky enough to come across as something very thoughtful but significant too. The Zencube is great for office workers as it helps to restore a sense of well being to overworked and tired employees. Your clients will rejoice! The only problem will be how many you send.

Client Gift Box from Etsy

Starting at $30

Did you know Etsy has a client gift category? This option lets you send handmade client gift boxes — without having to make anything by hand. Choose from gift box themes like candy, golf, and office placards. Nothing says we appreciate you more than a handmade etsy gift!

Anything From This List

Approximately $30 and Up + Shipping

We hope you know the personality of your client! If you do, send a serious gift like a Luxury Portfolio Pad or a vintage Fountain Pen.  Have a more playful client? Try sending an Executive Decision Maker (desk toy) or a Millennium Falcon Concrete Mini Planter.


Cost Based On Your Selection

Giftagram lets you send gifts on-demand from your smartphone using only an email address or phone number. Browse a curated selection of gifts from local boutiques, international brands, and exclusive experiences. It's the easiest way to send a gift to anyone in the United States or Canada. You just select your contact, pick a gift, and hit send. Your recipient is instantly notified (but the surprise won't be revealed) and will receive their gift within 3 to 5 business days.

Score! Mavenlink exclusive! Our friend Brittany Sykes at Giftgram is letting you take $20 off your first order. Use code Brittany20. 

Olive & Cocoa

Ranging From $34-$384

Try out these these unique and luxury business gift boxes from Olive & Cocoa. The company lets you choose your price and the contents of your box. Your client receives everything in a wooden box that has your own company logo branded on it. Your clients are sure to comment on the gift to their professional networks.

Something from Tasmania

About $100-$200

For your travel-based clients or anyone who enjoys the exotic, grab something off Tassie Pure. Tassie Pure sells 100 percent Tasmanian products, from whiskys and truffles and leatherwood honey to handmade soaps and olive oil and stationary. Owner Candice Rafferty says the average transaction is $100-$200, for the gift, a personalized card, and careful packaging.

Sweets, sweets and more sweets!


If you’re treating a big group of people at the offices of your new client, consider ordering from one of these popular sweet and treat shops for something unique and special. There is a wide range of costs depending on size of the order, but all of them offer bang for the buck.

Bottega Louie macarons

Macarons seem like the trendy sweet treat of the moment, and Bottega Louie is famous for their beautiful packaging and variety of flavors. For large clients you can even customize your box with your favorite flavors. Their Gourmet Market and Patisserie also offer an extensive selection of others sweet and savory products.

Sweet Lady Jane cakes

 A custom cake is a fun way to personalize your gift, and Sweet lady Jane does amazing logo cakes. You can even create something special with both of your logos. Sweet Lady Jane has been widely recognized in media including People Magazine, InStyle, and the New York Times, the Zagat Guide calls Jane's cakes "works of art,” and in 2015 they were ranked in Oprah’s coveted “25 Favorite Things” list. 

Wicked Good Cupcakes

As seen on Shark Tank, Wicked Good Cupcakes is a unique twist on a classic — the cupcake. Their fresh baked cupcakes, pies and brownies come in cute little individual sized mason jars that will make a lasting impression. They can also design labels with logos on the jars.

Good Karmals

Why just send candy, when you can send candy with a future? These sweets come with a“fortune” wrapped around each piece printed with a positive quotation. And with flavors like Sea Salt and Caramel Apple, they will impress even the most sophisticated foodie clients. They can also be branded with logos and make for killer leave behinds in a new business pitch. 

These gifts are going to brighten your clients’ day and hopefully preview how amazing working with you will be long into the future. If your budget changes or you can’t afford to do this for every client, try sending a classic and classy hand-written thank-you card.

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