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2016 Marketing Agency Trends: Two Ebooks You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Mavenlink has partnered with HubSpot to bring your agency two new and exciting ebooks this year. These two ebooks will improve your approach to both clients and talent. Get the scoop on the 2016 marketing agency trends you can’t ignore with two quick downloads.


The Inbound Marketing Planning Guide: How to Create an Annual Plan for Your Clients | by HubSpot

Set the course for you and your clients to be successful this year. Yes, planning can be stressful and you may want to put it off. But in this ebook, HubSpot makes it easy to plan. Get the best practices for quickly moving projects in 2016 to their best success.  This ebook contains all your checklists and questionnaires for your inbound marketing plans.

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How Global Networks Will Transform Your Agency in 2016 | by Mavenlink

This Mavenlink exclusive content breaks down the modern agency. Learn the benefits of working as a virtual agency (aka collective) regardless of whether your agency is totally virtual or totally traditional. You'll also learn where to find top talent, including the key criteria you need to consider. Plus, you'll finally get an answer to the question of when you should hire and when you should contract. And you’ll see how you can leverage technology to get work done efficiently as a virtual team.

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