3 Surprising Ways Business Improves with Remote Workers

The era of the remote worker is here...and we are embracing it.

Remote workers work from local coffee shopLooking around it's clear - changes in the business landscape are dictating a new way to work, with a new type of workforce. We don’t expect our teams to be in the same country, let alone the same office.

It is such an important trend that Software Advice recently published a detailed report about how to create more efficient remote teams. From the report, “Remote workers make up a significant portion of the modern U.S. workforce. Data from the 2012 American Community Survey estimates that 3.3 million people work from home at least part of the time.”

However this movement is not without resistance. It is well documented (and criticized) move when Marissa Mayer took over the reigns of Yahoo! and immediately put an end to working from home. Why? There is a lingering fear that it’s impossible to get the same level of productivity, engagement and collaboration when you are not physically in the same space.

The truth is, you can actually enhance your business performance with a distributed and remote workforce. Here are three surprising benefits:

Increased accountability. 
Companies that are transitioning to remote workforces are also transitioning to centralized project management software solutions. It’s a critical element. These online collaboration tools serve as the hub for all the documentation, financials, and communication, increasing visibility of project details and performance for the entire team. Access to information creates a culture of distributed accountability. We repeatedly hear from customers that the more visibility employees have regarding project performance, the more effective their workforce is.  

Get the best talent.
As companies adopt remote workers into their ecosystems, it is only natural they start to look beyond their geographical location to find the best talent. This opens up your options from your city, your state, or even your country. The best resource for your team, or even just for a particular project, maybe on the other side of the world. Why limit your talent pool to your neighbors? Now you can develop a trusted, global network of resources to tap into all over the world.

Increase the quality.
Whether you are measuring the number of hours working, the amount of communication and emails, meeting time, the list goes on… more is not better. You should promote quality over quantity. The person in the most meetings in your office is probably not the most productive. Without the distractions that come from office enviornments, remote workers continually boast a high quality of work.

The takeaway here is not to shut the doors and send everyone home. It is to shift your mindset to think about your business without boundaries. This frame of mind can help you conquer the world, literally not figuratively. We think about this trend as how to be both high performing and distributed, not one or the other.  

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