A Message from Ray Grainger, Mavenlink CEO

Ray Grainger - Mavenlink CEO

Today, I am excited to unveil a new Mavenlink identity.

To explain this change, it’s important to revisit why Roger, Sean, and I started this company. While working in the high-tech consulting industry, we observed what made companies successful. It was more than drive and talent; it was also their ability to apply the right technology in the right way.  

Our mission, and the mission of Mavenlink, is to help all businesses succeed in today’s hyper-connected and fast-moving world. We’ve set out to level the playing field by delivering the best technology, support, and services, so that companies like yours can compete and grow.


Since we began, and especially over the past year, we’ve grown in many ways to support that mission. We felt it was time for our outward appearance to catch up to the kind of company we have become. Our new design is one that we feel more accurately reflects our core tenets: agility, forward-thinking, and a focus on connecting people and businesses in today’s networked economy.

Our new brand identity, along with our redesigned user interface and company website, is one of many improvements delivered over the past year. Here’s a brief recap:

Product Development

In 2014, we invested millions of dollars into new software development to meet what you, our clients, have told us you needed to better run your business. Just take a look at all the new features we’ve recently launched for an example of how we do this like no other company:

  • Redesigned User Interface – Mavenlink’s feature set is made even more accessible through an elegant, updated user interface designed so that all stakeholders can easily navigate and get work done.
  • Improved Custom Branding – You can customize Mavenlink by styling the product with your own brand. New enhancements provide customized navigation to other applications from within Mavenlink.
  • Universal Custom Data Fields – You can create new fields to tailor business data and customize Mavenlink for your business processes. This capability makes Mavenlink extensible to accommodate the unique needs of any business.
  • Project Templates – You can create a project, clone it in a matter of seconds and customize it for new client engagements. Project Templates also enable you to offer a menu of defined project-based services to a client, knowing exactly what they cost to deliver. Templates can be created from past projects, allowing you to replicate and repeat projects successfully.
  • Time and Expense Approvals – Mavenlink’s robust time and expense management functionality now includes an administrative approval workflow to facilitate timeliness, accuracy and error-free project accounting and reporting.

Education and Resources

This past year, we also created Mavenlink Academy, which encompasses monthly webinars, sessions with our training team, and a knowledge base where you can find articles and videos for specific features and tips for using our product better. The Mavenlink Academy exists to help teams use Mavenlink to its fullest potential.

We also launched Emergent Path, an original online publication and industry resource for professional services companies looking for advice, commentary, best practices, and research on growing their business. Our plan for 2015 is to continue to source great material, so that readers can learn more about what it takes to make project-based, client-centric businesses more successful.

Your Mavenlink Team

To deliver the high-level of service you need and expect, we’ve nearly tripled our team of Mavens over the last year, and we will continue to expand to meet your product and service quality expectations.

A larger Engineering team allows us to more quickly iterate and improve features, address bugs promptly, and deliver innovations to help you grow and succeed. A well-staffed Customer Success team better equips your business with the skills and knowledge needed to successfully  apply and adopt Mavenlink’s technology. We also staffed a new team this year: our Solutions department. This group of professional service experts works one-on-one with clients to help them transition from legacy tools and move their project data into Mavenlink. The Solutions team also builds custom integrations to meet unique business needs.

With these improvements — from services, support, technology, and more — we wanted a new identity that communicated our commitment to you and represents the new level of company we have become. The new Mavenlink logo symbolizes a mature, connected, and global mindset, where together, with clients like you, we can transform the way the world conducts business.

Thank you for your trust and confidence. I would love to hear your comments.

Ray Grainger

Founder and CEO