Announcing Mavenlink Insights: BI Designed for Project Delivery Teams

If you’re like most agencies, consulting firms, and professional services teams, you’re constantly working to improve margins, increase utilization rates, and accurately forecast future revenue. It’s a constant and complex challenge that technology has failed to solve… until now.

Mavenlink Insights for Project Delivery Teams

We are very excited to unveil Mavenlink Insights, a unique and powerful Business Intelligence (BI) solution that takes project teams from data to decisions. We’ve poured 100 years of combined experience delivering professional services into a software tool we never had. 

Now project delivery organizations have a single-platform to plan and deliver work, track resources and project financials, and view business performance trends. Whether you’re a twenty-person marketing agency or a two thousand-person professional services department, Insights helps you get actionable insight into your business:

Expert-Built Reports
Mavenlink Insights features 26 interactive reports that answer the fundamental questions high-performing teams continually face. You can quickly assess trends impacting your margins, utilization rates and project delivery... and even forecast the future to address issues before they impact performance.

Powerful Custom Reporting
For power users, Insights also provides comprehensive custom reporting to meet your business’s unique reporting needs. A world-class BI engine lets you design reports and dashboards using more than 300 metrics. That means you can automate time-consuming manual processes and build dashboards tailored to specific roles.  

Insights is our most ambitious endeavor yet. We know it will provide tremendous value for professional services firms, and we are excited to hear stories of success.

Get a personalized demo of Insights today and find out how it can help your business grow. 

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