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Success Story: APlus Interior Design & Remodeling

Residential Remodeling Company Uses Mavenlink and Google Apps to Manage Projects and Organize Tasks

APlus Interior Design & Remodeling is one of the largest and most established construction companies to offer interior design and remodeling solutions in Orange County, California, with over 30 years experience in custom remodeling for residential properties.

In APlus’ business, it is common for the company to manage multiple client projects with timelines that can span from 8 weeks to 12 weeks. Many of company’s projects are large, complex assignments with custom design and installation work bringing together many teams of designers, fabricators, artists, schedulers and engineers. Project budgets can exceed tens of thousands of dollars.

“At any given point in time, our company will be active in as many as 100 concurrent projects,” said Frank Zare, Business Systems Analyst at APlus.

“From the second we take on a new contract, Mavenlink enables us to keep all task collaboration and project-related documents in a single, cohesive environment, resulting in improved transparency and productivity.”

According to Zare, the ability to keep a historical record of tasks in one online environment is crucial to keeping projects on track. “We build cabinets and other fixtures from scratch. On some projects, we’ll have different team members assigned to 60-70 interdependent steps, so we required a project management solution that would enable us to quickly assess the status of a project and access related documents as the project progresses. Mavenlink allows real-time access to our collaboration and helps ensure each step is completed on time, enabling us to be a better company.”

Mavenlink’s integration with Google Drive, Docs and other Google Apps enables APlus to upload Google Docs into the Mavenlink project workspace environment and attach files to the associated conversation in the activity feed, improving APlus’ efficiency and access to real-time information.

“The ability for our teams to access Google Docs and Apps within Mavenlink is a real-time saver for us and enables project documents to be accessible to APlus team members, even those working remotely in the field from mobile devices,” said Zare. “With Mavenlink and Google Docs, our teams have the ability to work on documents in unison and make changes in real-time.”

As a result of working with Mavenlink, APlus has saved thousands of dollars in labor costs by helping the company identify errors and fix mistakes during the course of a project and avoid paying overtime fees that were once required for employees to look up simple information. APlus team members can now focus their time working with clients on remodeling projects, and less time searching for fragments of information, resulting in better customer service and delivery.

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