Ask Melissa: Express Yourself, Emoji Style

Calling all passionate people! When you are working or even just going about your daily business are you excited, passionate, bored, or excited? Do you wear your emotions on your sleeve, wish you could break up the day, or feel the urge to break out into song? Don’t you wish you could add a bit more excitement and personality into your everyday work? Well, fret no longer … Mavenlink understands, and we have just the thing for you. [Insert drum roll here ... ]

Emojis! You heard me right. Mavenlink has now added the ability to express yourself through Emoji’s in your Mavenlink workspaces. To add an emoji to your workspace, type a colon (:) and you will see a selection of Emojis appear. Simply select the one that suits your expressive need, then click on it to paste it into your Mavenlink workspace. With so many to choose from you will never be at a loss to express your inner YOU. 

Next time your team has a great big win, or your customer finally approves that design you have been tirelessly working on for the last month, show your excitement with a big smiley face!

And next time you have some downtime, spice up your next conversation with a puzzle made out of Emoji’s. Who knows, not only might it inspire a smile from your fellow co-workers and clients, but it might just give you warm fuzzies as well. And don’t forget to let me know how you are enjoying this new feature by emailing your thoughts and questions to