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Success Story: Autofuss’ Creative Minds Use Mavenlink and Google Apps to Collaborate and Stay Organized

Online Project Management Software Helps the Design Studio Stay on Task and in Contact Across Devices and Teams

Autofuss is an interdisciplinary design studio that focuses on motion design, animation and live action production. If you don’t know their name, you’ve probably seen their work. The studio creates original content for high-profile clients like Google, Facebook, and Adobe.

The team at Autofuss is a diverse set of creative minds, ranging from visual artists and storytellers to machinists and programmers. In addition to their core staff, Autofuss works with outside vendors and contractors. And the complexity doesn’t stop there. Each project, whether a short film or a full-blown multimedia ad campaign, is built from hundreds to thousands of production assets.

“There are always a significant amount of elements that go into a project,” explains Katrina Lau, a Production Coordinator at Autofuss. “Mavenlink allows for our teams of directors, artists, copywriters, producers, and outside vendors to collaborate throughout the process.”

Instead of juggling their projects over email, Autofuss relies on Mavenlink’s cloud-based project management software. Each project lives in a secure collaborative workspace, where team members can organize and share tasks and activities. Each user (whether Autofuss staff or a contractor) tracks their progress and works toward deadlines set by the producer. Mavenlink’s software also includes powerful built-in file management. This, Lau notes, “has enabled us to send design renders to people off-site without the need for a separate file transfer service.”

Autofuss also relies on Google Apps, and its integration with Mavenlink. “Google Apps is an integral part of our company’s functionality,” says Lau. “Our most prized feature is Google Docs’ multi-user editing with real-time changes.”

In the design industry, project teams often juggle multiple deadlines and coordinate many activities and deliverables. Delays here can be costly, since each hour spent waiting can push the critical path.

Autofuss avoids unnecessary downtime by configuring their Mavenlink projects to automatically forward notifications of new project “posts” to specific team members’ Gmail accounts. “Having Gmail notify us of new posts saves us valuable time, like when we are in meetings and waiting for an artist to upload a new board or revision. Being able to receive those notifications as an alert on our phones, laptops and other mobile devices is especially convenient,” Lau explains.

Mavenlink and Google also help project teams stay informed through Google Doc links posted on their project message boards. Team members can easily get up to speed on the discussions regarding their projects and easily find the current version of shared files.

By leveraging Mavenlink’s online project management software and Google Apps, Autofuss lets its creative minds focus on what they love: creating original work that fills audiences with wonder and invites them to see the world in a new way.

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