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Productivity Tip: Beat Creative Review and Approval Bottlenecks with this New Tool

productivity-tip-beat-creative-review-and-approval-bottlenecks-with-this-new-tool-blog-image.pngThese are frustrations we hear every day:

“Miscommunication during the creative review process is adding to our review cycles.”

“Rework is killing our project margins.”

“We are being asked to deliver more work, and faster. It’s difficult to stay on top of it all.”

The processes, systems, and infrastructure you have in place to manage your creative operations — or don’t have in place for that matter — are impacting your productivity. And this is impacting your performance. As you are being asked to be more agile, the impact to your bottom line will only grow.

At Mavenlink, we are relentless in our pursuit to help you improve processes and performance. That’s why today we are excited to announce a new product for your creative operations teams, Mavenlink Proofing.

Introducing Mavenlink Proofing!

Mavenlink Proofing is a single, collaborative platform for review and approval of all your creative assets. By improving efficiency, productivity and communication, you get more creative work done faster.


So, what can I do with Mavenlink Proofing?

  • Combine digital file review and approvals with project management. Upload your files directly to Mavenlink for a single, collaborative feedback environment. Invite clients to join your proofing to gain their approvals. Visual cues and timestamps let you clearly match your comments to specific asset areas.
  • Put to bed bad versioning nightmares. Mavenlink Proofing lets you easily see which file is most recent. Compare past versions in split-screen view, or use this feature to compare multiple design concepts. Ensure all changes are made and eliminate errors.
  • Gain clarity on your people, progress, and timelines. With Mavenlink Proofing, you see at a glance who needs to review your files. Monitor your project progress against budget and timeline.

With Mavenlink Proofing you reduce the number of revisions, reduce the review cycle time, and accelerate speed to market. And all of these will help to improve overall performance metrics such as margins.

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