Benefits of Google Apps for Business

At Mavenlink, we've been using Google Apps for Business for several years, and recommend it to everybody we work with and all of our customers. Many of our customers are Google Apps users so we wanted to explain some of the benefits of using Google Apps for Business.

Has your company “Gone Google?”

"Gone Google" was a campaign launched in 2011 to show how Google Apps can help businesses with facts calculated on the size of your company, and how you can save money and time. In addition to businesses, many schools and non-profits are taking advantage of Google Apps. They have a free version available for qualified organizations or small business that need less than 10 users.

Google Apps allows you to establish a personalized domain name with email addresses set as instead of extremely quickly . You will work within the Gmail interface to manage your emails, which is helpful as many are already familiar with this. Possibly the biggest advantage of going Google is that you have access to all of your favorite Google tools to help optimize productivity, communication, and collaboration, including Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Contacts G Google Sites. In addition, you have the ability to integrate those features with many great products in the Google Apps Marketplace, just as you likely have done with Mavenlink.

Benefits of Google Apps for Business

What are the benefits of using Google Apps for Business? For $50 per user per year (less than $5 per month!), you get all that’s described above and more:

  • Create an unlimited number of user accounts and each user gets 25GB of email space instead of 7GB.
  • Get mobile access to your Google Apps email, calendar, and instant messaging wherever you are.
  • Receive 24/7 support from Google, including phone, email, and self-service online support. As a company that prides itself on customer support, this was key in our transition and in our recommendations to others.
  • If your employees are comfortable with Microsoft Office, let them access their email, calendar, and contacts in that format by using Google Apps Sync for Outlook. The only difference is that in the background, they’ll be using Google Apps instead of the Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • Google guarantees that Google Apps and everything you store in its cloud will be available to you 99.9% of the time. That means only 10-15 minutes of downtime (seconds at a time) as opposed to the average 60-150 minutes of planned and unplanned downtime typical of on-site email servers.
  • Brand the entire look and feel. You can customize user accounts, logos and colors of the whole experience.

Test out Google Apps for Business for free for 30 days right now!

Has your company "Gone Google" with Google Apps? If so, how have you benefited most from it?