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Cloudtech Increases Utilization Rate By 25% with Mavenlink


Cloudtech is an Ireland-based IT services company specializing in business consulting and software development. Cloudtech serves companies of all sizes and sectors, globally. Their core areas of specialty include custom cloud and on-premise projects, integrations and connectors, and data migrations.

“The reports are incredibly accurate and insightful. You’ve got access to all the key metrics right there, unlike Clarizen, which is all over the shop.”     — Tim Pullen CEO, Cloudtech

To provide quality service, Cloudtech hires the most skilled, senior professionals. These experts rely on the best technology to enable their services delivery.


Recently, after frustrations with Clarizen, Cloudtech switched its project management software to Mavenlink. In addition, Cloudtech was able to replace Basecamp and Trello.

With Mavenlink, Cloudtech has been able to improve:

  • Profit margins by 15%
  • Utilization by 25%
  • Client transparency
  • Accounting confidence


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