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Core Structure Improves Margins by 50% with Mavenlink


Core Structure Inc. is a full service structural design company offering services for a variety of project types and sizes. The team at Core Structure has over 75 years of experience in civil and structural engineering design and construction observations. 

Core Structure has remained dedicated to developing and nurturing relationships with the nation’s finest architects, homebuilders, developers, and general contractors. The company started in 2014 with two co-founders and has experienced over a 500% growth in employment each year. Amir Deihimi, President and CEO of Core Structure, explains the shock associated with the rapid growth of his company, “Honestly, it’s a little bit scary. But it’s exciting. I don’t think any spreadsheets or conventional method could catch up with the growth rate that we had,” says Amir. He knew that Core Structure had matured to the point where visibility and control was an absolute necessity. Enter Mavenlink.

With Mavenlink, Core Structure has been able to:

  • 50% increase in gross margins
  • 100% visibility into utilization
  • Cut time spent on administrative tasks in half
The CEO & President of Core Structure reflects on the decision to invest in Mavenlink:

“For me, it’s all about margins. After adopting Mavenlink, we witnessed at least a 50% improvement in margins. And even that would be a conservative percentage.”
–Amir Deihimi, CEO & President, Core Structure Inc.

Mavenlink managed to increase margins at Core Structure substantially—by more than 50%. Amir notes that prior to Mavenlink there was literally zero insight into the profitability of projects. They simply did not know how profitable projects were, or how much they were costing. Today, Mavenlink provides the Core Structure team with the necessary data to know if they are over servicing a client.

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