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Customer Spotlight: Julianna at Contexture International

Welcome to Customer Spotlight, a new blog series where we’re introducing you to real Mavenlink users and getting a glimpse into who they are, what they do, and how they got there. Our first spotlight is Julianna Ulrich, Project Coordinator at Contexture International, a creative agency that juggles a diverse team of account managers, designers, animators, video editors, and more to create engaging work for their portfolio of clients.

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"We take our client’s idea and help them communicate it to their audience in a creative and unique way."

Mavenlink: Hi Julianna! Can you tell me a little about yourself and what you do?
Julianna: I work at Contexture as the Project Coordinator part-time and the other half I’m a science teacher. I come from a science background and I used to work for NASA over several summers as an Operations Engineer. At NASA, I got an overview of everything that was going on within my team, which is similar to what I do now in my role as a Project Coordinator. But now, I also know the ins and outs of all the projects going on and who’s doing what.

Mavenlink: Can you describe what Contexture does?

Julianna: Contexture International is an all-in-one agency specializing in graphic design, web design, and broadcast and video production.

Mavenlink: With those services, what types of customers does Contexture International attract?

Julianna: Currently, churches, universities, local city municipalities, and local financial institutions. But we have a few other ideas in development to expand our client base.

Mavenlink: What would you say makes Contexture unique?

Julianna: It has a lot to do with the people who work here. We don’t have “by the book” procedures; all our people are very creative and flexible. Our motto is “Communicating in Context,” because if you can’t communicate something in context, it can’t be communicated well.

For example, when our editors work on a documentary, they don’t follow basic rules, they follow a vision. They look to capture the authentic story and draw the audience in.

"If you can’t communicate something in context, it can’t be communicated well."

The same goes for promotional or company-centric videos which are vibrant and engaging. We are also unique in that we have hired people from the film industry and most Contexture employees studied film in college.

Mavenlink: With all that daily creativity, how does the Contexture team use Mavenlink Premier?

Julianna: Previously, Contexture used Mavenlink just to track time and log it to a particular project and bill it appropriately. No one posted anything in the Activity Feed, it didn’t matter who the Project Lead was, and there were no tasks or status updates. But now the team is using Mavenlink for our project collaboration, including posting updates on projects, tracking time, and updating project statuses.

Mavenlink: What are the benefits you’ve personally experienced as a Project Coordinator?

Julianna: If anyone wanted to figure out what was going on in a project, such as status updates, where we are with the budget, or time or expenses, it’s so easy!

"Mavenlink has helped me to achieve total project oversight — I can have my eyes on everything project related."

That’s beautiful for me. Now that we’ve started to track invoices and payments, its going to help us out a lot more. Overall, it’s been a really excellent tool for me to track what everyone is doing on their projects. 


Thank you so much Julianna — we loved hearing from you and the team at Contexture International about what you do and how Mavenlink has helped! If you’re a current Mavenlink customer and would like to participate in the next customer spotlight, please send an email to us at