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Employee Onboarding for Project Managers: Give New Hires the Full Picture

orientation programGreat onboarding experiences set the pace for your team’s future. The first weeks of your employees’ training, you have the opportunity to set them up for success. As a project manager, you can either get this right or miss a great opportunity.  

As a project manager, your onboarding experience should go beyond general training. Your HR department will probably cover company history, a mission statement, organizational culture, benefit programs, and technical setup.

What’s often overlooked are the real tools to succeed on your team. So without further ado, here they are.

Teach your employees how their role plays with others. Success depends on teamwork.

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Beyond the basics  — it’s about the people

Teach your employees how their role plays with others'. How does their function impact the team? How do they collaborate and help each other, and toward what common goal are they working? Your team training should include describing how this new hire’s skill, volume of expected work, and/or experience is needed for the full team to function well. Your success is all about how well your team works together. Brief your new hire on these dynamics, and then ease him or her into the current and upcoming projects.

Beyond the basics  — it’s about the financials

Your profit directly ties to how much value your services team brings in. Profit equals your revenue minus expenses, especially resource labor. Train your employee to view every project as a profit and loss, or P&L. This sets the expectation each project should take in more revenue than it costs to produce work, so your resources know what you expect of them. In addition, familiarize your new hire with your time tracking tool and how often you expect them to log time. Emphasize their target utilization rates. Set these expectations clearly, to avoid confusion later on.

Beyond the basics  — it’s about the projects

Set a path for your employee to discover work that’s been ongoing. Often, new hires get logins for several systems used to manage projects. Guide them to finding files, activity history, project history, Gantt charts, issue archives, and team information.

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Actions you can take now

  • Erase general company history from your team training
  • Explain team-specific objectives in detail
  • Explain how this role fits the team
  • Give your new hire digital archives to ongoing projects
  • Set clear expectations for target goals

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