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Got Issues? Track Them with Mavenlink Issue Tracking

While we wish every project could go off without a hitch, we are also big believers in pragmatism. Every project is going to run into a few roadblocks, like bugs, client changes, or tickets — all of which can impact scope and timeline.

Keeping track of (and ultimately resolving) each project issue is a task in itself — literally. That’s why we built the latest Mavenlink feature: say hello to Issue Tracking!

Issues function similarly to Tasks, Deliverables, and Milestones (you even use the same green plus button to add them to a project). When you add an Issue to a project, you can:

  • Add descriptions or custom fields
  • Track time against it
  • Upload files related to the Issue
  • Post comments in the Activity Feed about it

Unlike Tasks, however, Issues have their own set of statuses you can and should use in order to keep track of the Issue lifecycle, from entry to resolution. These are:

  • New
  • Reopened
  • In Progress
  • Blocked
  • Fixed
  • Duplicate
  • Can’t Reproduce
  • Resolved
  • Won’t Fix


Encountering Issues isn’t always fun, but they are a critical part of project delivery. Issue Tracking is now available to all Mavenlink Free, Teams, Professional, and Premier accounts. Visit our Knowledge Base article to learn more about the different ways you can use this feature for your business, plus more details on the various project statuses you can use. 

Learn more and get best practices on how to use Issue Tracking by attending our webinar on Thursday, May 14 @ 10am PDT. 

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