Here’s How to Avoid the Top 10 Mistakes Most Growing Agencies | Webinar


Growing agencies move at such a fast pace. They're known for pursuing new work, retaining current clients, and keeping an eye on the industry pulse — all at once.  In all this urgency, how do you go beyond hitting today’s deadlines and actually grow?

Join executive coach and trainer Curt Worsey and PR pro Meghan Heffernan, both of Mavenlink, to learn the top 10 mistakes agencies are making as they scale up today — and how to avoid them.

10 Biggest Mistakes Agencies Make When They Grow ... And How to Avoid Them

January 28, 2016

2pm  PST (5pm EST)

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Curt and Meghan will cover ten topics in three strategic areas.

  1. Your people — Figure out how to tell if you should hire or contract and what you need to know about hiring creatives.
  2. Your projects — Learn how to identify services you really shouldn’t offer, and why you have to turn down some projects.
  3. Your profits — Learn how to balance closing deals with delivering work that actually moves your margins.

That’s just the tip of these tips.  Join us January 28 for this exclusive Mavenlink webinar.  Reserve your spot today.

Mavenlink Note: This webinar is part of the Unbounce+HubSpot inaugural Digital Agency Day (DAD). See more great webinars and information for your agency here.