How to Use the Task Tracker

This video provides an overview of the capabilities of the Task Tracker within the project workplace.


The Task Tracker allows you to:

* Create tasks, deliverables & milestones
* Assign responsibility to project activities
* Identify dates, linked to your Google Calendar, for project milestones
* View and Manage files and attachments associated with specific project activities

*Have a specific report you need done? A specific consultant must complete their Small Business blog post? The final budget proposal has to be finished by a certain date?* The Task Tracker helps keep track of all that and with our Google Apps Integration, all assigned dates are automatically linked with your Google Calendar. On top of all that, we have included the agile drag-and-drop interface to make your project management that much easier.

**How have you used the Project Tracker to make yourself more efficient and effective?** What could we add to make life even simpler? If you have any questions or comments on these features, please let us know below.