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Introducing Our New Product Tour


Mavenlink is committed to providing a modern solution that helps services organizations unlock their true potential and improve every aspect of their business. To help you better understand how every aspect of Mavenlink supports businesses, we have updated our product tour webpages with new, in-depth information and detailed screenshots.

Tour 2019

Each stop in our Product Tour will provide you with the information you need to better understand if Mavenlink is right for you. These tour stops include:

Resource Management

Mavenlink enables full-cycle resource management with insights and granular control over every resource, across every project, at every stage of the project lifecycle.

With Mavenlink Resource Management, your team can understand and optimize resources in detail to ensure healthy margins and long-term success, while better realizing the full capacity of each individual team member. Greater awareness of and more detailed control over resources means that businesses can streamline their critical processes and keep up with client demand for new levels of success across all projects.

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Project Management

Skillfully equip your team with a robust project management solution that provides tools and deep data insights needed to deliver projects predictably and successfully.

Project Management in Mavenlink gives businesses the ability to see all their projects at once, helping them to quickly assess the status and health of a given project or a portfolio of projects at a glance or down to the task level. Mavenlink Project Management provides real-time visibility through detailed Gantt charts, task lists, and threaded communications for an integrated view of project plans, including assigned project team members and their schedules. The result is the ability to make both short- and long-term improvements to project strategies.

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Team Collaboration

Mavenlink’s collaboration solution unifies, aligns, and energizes distributed project teams with communication channels that are tightly integrated with the project.

Collaboration capabilities include setting workflows, communicating with your teams to improve operations, creating role-based permissions, and controlling assignments through task management. Effective communication helps teams stay aligned throughout project lifecycles and experience contextualized collaboration supported by readily-available data in projects and tasks, which helps individual resources and teams as a whole work more efficiently.

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Project Accounting

Users can link time, expenses, and invoices to their tasks and projects in real time to ensure profitable and successful projects through a greater understanding of profit and loss.

Performing Project Accounting with Mavenlink helps provide quick visibility into project financials by integrating accounting with every project, providing immediate visibility into budgets, burn rates, and forecasted costs and margins. Tracking key financial performance indicators helps your business forecast profits and losses through trustworthy data, develop precise project proposals, and bill clients accurately for better margins and long-term, predictable profitability.

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Business Intelligence

Integrated enterprise-grade Business Intelligence and powerful services-centric reporting give you the insights you need for faster decisions and better results.

Using Business Intelligence through Mavenlink eliminates data silos, bringing together all critical operational insights in a single location. The result is robust Business Intelligence (BI) and reporting insights that enable timely decisions, the ability to forecast future resource and project demands, and smart decisions that improve operational efficiency. Mavenlink provides users with the ability to create tailored reports around specific metrics for each business and their unique company goals.

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