Introducing Time & Expense Approvals: A Review Process That Works!

Premier customers can now submit time and expenses for review, helping to ensure only approved line items make their way onto a client invoice.

Using Mavenlink’s enhanced Time and Expense tracking tools, your employees can create time and expense entries that are tied to a particular project in Mavenlink. With the new Expense Report feature included in this release, you can group your expenses for submission to a Project Lead, as well as submit your Timesheet for review.

 The business owner sending the invoice can confidently invoice for multiple projects at once knowing that each item has gone through careful review by the person with the most context for the work being done — the Project Lead.

Maven Tip: We recommend the Team Lead be the one responsible for approving time and expenses for a project. Typically, the Team Lead serves as the role of Project Manager and is therefore in the best position to approve time and expenses since they’re closest to the project requirements.

Not only does this new functionality make your billing and invoicing experience faster and more accurate, but incorporating regular review into your business practices will improve oversight into the work being done daily. In addition, this will make the invoicing process less daunting as the project progresses because you can now easily delegate the review process to the Team Lead. By sending invoices more frequently, your relationship with your client will benefit as they gain more visibility into the progress of your project.

How to Turn On Time or Expense Approvals for Your Projects

If you’d like to require Time or Expense Approvals for your existing Mavenlink projects, we have you covered. Navigate to your project’s settings and turn Time or Expense Approvals ON. From here, you’ll have the option to automatically approve all entries before a particular date.

If you want to make Time or Expense Approvals a default setting for all of your future projects, your Account Administrator can go to Account Settings and turn on this preset for your account. This is only a preset so you can have the flexibility of turning off this specific requirement for those projects that don’t need this level of review.

All existing Mavenlink Premier Customers get complimentary access to Time and Expense Approvals functionality. To get Mavenlink Premier for your team, contact us here.

If you’d like to learn more about this feature, we’re here to help! Check out the Time and Expense Approvals article in the Mavenlink Academy Knowledge Base, or reach us directly at