Case Studies

Kainjoo Increases Billable Utilization by 85% with Mavenlink

ML-Blog-Hero-Kainjoo-842x350.pngFirm also replaced Asana, Gmail, Dropbox, Harvest and Odoo with Mavenlink.

Kainjoo is a global consulting firm with extensive experience in complex industries including pharmaceuticals and banking. Their focus is on instituting systems that will scale up quickly and improve client profitability.

With Mavenlink, Kainjoo has been able to improve:

  • Billable utilization by 85%
  • Savings on business development costs by 25%
  • Profit margins by 50%

Mavenlink helps Kainjoo speak a common, actionable language that allows both consultants and customers to see the world through the same eyes and continuously make better decisions.

“Mavenlink is the uncomplicated way to drive better results and achieve a halo of trust with our customers. It brings them in as a part of the team and creates momentum. In the end, our customers feel we are being more transparent.”

– Haider Alleg, Managing Director, Kainjoo

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