New Features

Make Mavenlink Yours with Custom Branding

Did you know the Mavenlink experience can be customized to your brand? Custom branding allows the Mavenlink interface to feel like an extension of your business. When your team members and clients collaborate inside the application, they’ll feel like they are using your application — not ours.

Custom branding allows you to:

  • Prominently display your brand’s logo in the top left-hand corner of the navigation bar
  • Change the color scheme of the Mavenlink interface to match your brand
  • Add custom links to the navigation bar to tailor Mavenlink for your team and clients

Take a look at a few examples of what custom branded accounts can look like:




Custom branding is available to Teams, Professional, and Premier account administrators. Setting it up is easy:

  1. Log into Mavenlink and go to Settings
  2. Under Customizations, navigate to Custom Branding
  3. From there click on Edit your Custom Branding and follow the steps
  4. Maximum file upload size: 100 MB
  5. Recommended logo dimensions: 220px by 220px

What do you think about custom branding in Mavenlink? Let us know if your company is using it in the comments — or tweet us a screenshot of your customized Mavenlink interface!