Mavenlink and Google for Work: Bringing Collaboration to a Whole New Level

Small- and medium-sized businesses all over the world are using Google for Work daily to communicate, share files, manage schedules, and accomplish tasks. Mavenlink has integrated these tools effortlessly into our project management software, enabling businesses to leverage the strengths of both applications to work more efficiently and productively than ever. Click here to get started with a free trial of Mavenlink or request a personal demo.

Benefits of Our Integrated Solution

With the combined Mavenlink and Google for Work solution, businesses can improve collaboration, share information, and manage tasks more effectively. Here are a few examples of how our integration with Google for Work is enabling companies to conduct business better:

A Shared Vision and Partnership

Mavenlink and Google for Work are like fraternal twins: they don’t look exactly the same, but they share common DNA and a similar mindset when it comes to helping businesses collaborate. In the case of Mavenlink and Google, that mindset is empowering individuals and companies to work the way they want, from wherever they want. This shared vision is the reason why Mavenlink has integrated with Google’s API since the moment our software was introduced. Visit us on the Google Apps Marketplace to learn more about how our combined solution can improve your business.

Our focus has always been to reinvent the way businesses work, and we accomplish that by giving teams, contractors, and clients the ability to collaborate in a cohesive online workspace environment. Prior to launching the Mavenlink software, we knew that many small- and medium-sized businesses were utilizing Google for Work through apps like Gmail for communication, Google Drive for a content repository, Google Calendar for scheduling meetings, Google Tasks for organizing deliverables, and Chrome as the preferred browser platform.

Combined with the capabilities of our project management software, Google for Work is allowing businesses across the globe to collaborate better, manage tasks effectively, and improve profitability.

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