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Mavenlink + Salesforce: Enabling The Platform of the Future

Close your eyes and visualize the connection points between your systems for project management, project accounting and resource planning. Now add in your CRM and accounting systems. What does it look like?

Based on thousands of conversations we’ve had with services businesses, we can take a guess. Your systems, even if mission critical, are often best described as silos of information storage, with people lobbing key data over very high walls.

This reality has manifested into a huge barrier for services businesses trying to get control of things, let alone grow and scale. Most sit upon a complex web of spreadsheets, a series of bridges from silo to silo. Even very large, sophisticated enterprise businesses report having this problem. There are very smart people in your organization who spend a large part of their jobs trying to connect the various sets of data from disparate technology solutions so they can make sense of the business. Cobbling together information in this way takes constant diligence and countless hours in number crunching every week to keep pace with business needs.

While you may have systems in place now — such as exporting data from here to there, and running complex calculations on spreadsheets — they are likely not scalable. At least not without significant ongoing risk of error and great pain from the time required to keep reports up to date. The good news is there’s a better way  connecting the technology you use to manage your selling activities with the technology you use to plan and deliver your work. 

Mavenlink + Salesforce: Leveraging a Connected Cloud for Optimum Business Performance

At Mavenlink, we believe in creating a single and holistic view of your business and customer implementation lifecycle. Not only do we offer a robust project management and resource planning solution to view all of your project delivery data, we also allow for deep, bi-directional integrations with other critical business systems. For example, we recently announced an integration with Intacct that syncs key accounting and financial data with project activity and performance. 

Viewing your business this ways gives you the visibility and control you need to accelerate performance.

This is why we are very excited to announce the launch of our integration with Salesforce, the world’s leading CRM solution. The new connector, called Mavenlink Project Management and Resource Planning (now available on the Salesforce AppExchange), creates critical connection points between sales and project delivery systems designed to improve business performance. Now your delivery team can see projects and proposals in the sales pipeline. Customer relationship managers can stay informed about project statuses. Increased visibility between these teams improves alignment, and the accuracy of your resource planning and revenue forecasts.

With Mavenlink at the core of this connected cloud, we enable a next generation business environment for your services organization. Now you view your projects’ lifecycles from “proposal” to “project paid.”

We encourage you to step back and map out the ideal connection points between  your business systems. What would be the ideal integration points to support optimal processes across your organization? You may be amazed at the opportunities you discover to  optimize business and performance.